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6 Tips to Getting Better Trail Camera Shot


6 Tips to Getting Better Trail Camera ShotDuring hunting, a scientific study, or even at your home, you may need to use a trail camera to detect movement of animals and people among other occurrences. However, positioning, software update, and collection system of the camera may affect the kind of shots made. Trail camera performance may also be affected by obstructions and poor trail detection.

Therefore, before you go for your adventure in the jungle or before you install a trail camera at your home, you need to know a little about trail camera. You need information on how to get a better trail camera shot than the previous one that you had. When looking for the best trail camera we suggest you check out the Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Game Camera as it is can be used outdoors for game and scouting or for home security as claimed by the best trail camera reviews blog online. There are of course more options to choose from but when features are compared to price that is the one to go with. Here are 6 tips to getting a better trail camera shot;

a) Place The Camera in the Angle

In a 45º angle to the trail, you can be able to track the movements and take the shots needed. However, this will be determined by how good you mark the trail. This is the path or the lane where movement of a person or animals is expected to happen. Poor placement of the camera in the wrong angle will give poor shots. This angle is also important for the hunters as it shoots direct to the target with fewer chances to miss.

b) Check the Direction of the Camera

In order to get proper shots, make sure that your camera neither faces sunrise not sunset. The sun’s light, when directed to the camera will result to an intense glare. This glare causes blurred shots which do not show all the clear parts of the object. The most recommended direction is either to the north or south. The south point, from the direction of the target area (in the north), is recommended. The north direction is not mostly affected by higher light intensity and sun glare. Avoid placing you camera on east or west direction.

c) The Predicted Traffic on the Trail

6 Tips to Getting Better Trail Camera ShotTo get the best shots, make sure you use a busy trail. By a busy trail, it implies that, you look at the signs of regular movement of the animals or human being which makes a path. Also consider the paths which lead to food and water sources since they are frequently used. This will increase the chances of making better and useful shots.

d) Avoid obstructions while positioning the camera

They include tree trunks, long grass, or placing the camera directly on the trail. When the camera is obstructed the chances of making useful shots turn minimal.

e) Update the Software before setting up your Camera

Mostly, after struggling to get a position to place your camera, you may forget this easy and necessary step. However, you should note that, when you update the camera, you will fix problems and bugs of the previous use. You will also be able to clear and ease its memory. This will improve the performance of the camera in the field resulting to better shots.

f) Check Archival and Collection System

The archival and collection system of the camera may be excessively full or even distorted. This may affect the overall performance of your camera and also the shots made. In order to make faster and many shots and also for clearer and high-quality shots, consider freeing or changing the collection system in order to avoid poor camera performance such as slowness and small sub-standard shots.


A trail camera is very important for scientific study, detecting movements at home or in jungle, and also for effective hunting. With the above 6 tips to getting a better trail camera shot, be sure of a perfect experience once you adhere to them. Let your previous difficult experience with a trail camera not be the next one for you.

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