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How to Choose a Paintball Venue?


A Paintball venue should have items such as Paintball guns, gears, protective clothing, and a spacious area. Thus selection of a venue should be done carefully in order to ensure that one has a full experience of the game and its tactics in the chosen venue. However, not all venues are spacious, with all the Paintball resources, or have the standards required for the game. Other venues are located in inaccessible and unsafe places. But, nonetheless, your guide on these venues has been simplified by the following tips on how to choose a paintball venue.

a) Conduct a research in your area

How to Choose a Paintball VenuePaintball is a game which keeps on receiving updates here and then. At the same time, this game is interesting and liked by many. Thus, there is likelihood that many people in your area usually have commercial Paintball venues. You need to research on these venues and determine the one that suits you. Check features in the venue such as paintball size and quality, arena size, the natural set up within the arena, and other items. You may consider a venue with different sets of Paintball materials to suit different types of game players.

b) Consider an Accessible Place

How to Choose a Paintball VenueDo not go for Paintball venues which are far from your residential area. This is because you need to reach the venue fast and have some time to enjoy playing. On the other hand, you still need to go back home after the game. A Paintball venue located near your area is quite convenient for you and your friends. If you are working, take the Paintball venues between the workplace and your home. As you leave work, you will attend the venue and enjoy the game with your friends and eventually head home later. Another important aspect of paintball is the gun and I would like to take the time to recommend the US Army Project Salvo Paintball Marker Gun that has been described as a marker that is perfect for those who like to play paintball up-close and on the edge, and who dose not like to do that?

c) Consider the prices charged at the Paintball Venue

As you think on how to choose a Paintball venue, don’t forget to think about charges. At the venue, you need to feel that the value of your money is represented by the quality offered. Seek venues that give you a chance to play the game with a considerable price. Many venues usually exploit those who want to play Paintball on the basis that the game has the recent updates. This usually discourages many who want to play this game. However, some of the venues do not overcharge people as they want to create a relationship with them. Go for such venues.

d) Avoid the “renegades” and the “outlaw balls” fields

How to Choose a Paintball VenueSome venues have sub standard fields known as “renegades” and “outlaw balls” with players known as “renegade ballers”. In these fields, the Paintball play is unconventional and predisposes players to higher risks of injuries during play. Most of the times, this venues usually charge less price and do not mind the quality of the Paintball nor the updates. Thus, in as much as you need to get fair prices in the venues, avoid these fields as they are risky for you. In such fields, there are no instructions on safety that are given to players during the games.


Paintball is an interesting game which has drawn interest of many people especially the youth. While in the Paintball venue, one has a chance to learn new gaming skills and also to interact with the friends. However, the choice of the Paintball venue is important since it is from this venue that you can learn and meet with your friends. You don’t have worry on how to choose a paintball venue especially if the qualities to look for in any Paintball venue.

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