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Where Should You Go for Metal Detecting?



Where Should You Go for Metal DetectingMetal detecting has become a hobby to many people. Through metal detecting, you can come across treasures that are valuable to keep or to sell. However, since this activity has been on for several years now, it might prove difficult to find places where to go for metal detecting.

Mostly, people prefer old places for metal detecting. This is because they are hoping to get some of the lost or forgotten metals. Most of these places have been exploited lately. Nonetheless, there are many more places for this hobby. The following guide will provide you with a solution on where you should go for metal detecting;

a) Churches

Where Should You Go for Metal DetectingThe churches are among the oldest houses and structures for the community. In the church compounds, you can come across coins, rings, or chains that are valuable. At the same time, many people come to the churches from many different places and they are likely to drop valuable metals in the church compound. Also while children play or adult get involved in vigorous activities in the church compound, they might drop coins or other metals. Otherwise, these metals will rust or get buried and eventually get lost. Therefore, it is better if you go to these areas and find out these metals and make use of them.

b) Small Parks, Walkways, and Playgrounds

Most of these places are fully exploited for metal detecting. However, it does not mean that all the metals in these areas have been found out. Going to these places and participating in a more aggressive search can reward you with something. At the same time, you might come across a place or an area which has not been searched for previously. Such a place will have lots of metals which can be valuable. Alone or with the company of your friends you can come across an overlooked area in your metal detecting activity.

c) Beaches

Where Should You Go for Metal DetectingThere are a number of reasons why beaches provide a good place for your metal detecting. First, the sea or ocean might deposit valuable metals such as coins, chains, among others to the shore or beaches. These metals could be from sailors, tourists, or which were drowned from far distances. Second, the tourists and other people in the beach might drop or forget valuable metals on the beaches. Rather than leaving them to get drowned and get lost, it is better if they were collected and preserved or sold. You can go over the beach preferably in the mornings and evenings for your metal detecting.

d) Abandoned Homes and Buildings

These have been so far the most reliable source of valuable metals. During vacation, many people usually forget or just ignore some of the things they had in the previous house. Items such relics, old coins, chains, and keys may be found in these homes or buildings. However, it is important that you have information from the owners before you enter and make you search.


Metal detecting is not only about searching for treasures and valuable materials. It is also an interesting hobby that can, in turn, lead to someone finding something valuable. As long as you have necessary permission, you can go for metal detecting in the above areas or in other areas where there is a possibility to find valuable objects. Also, seek for historical materials to direct you on where to go for your search. As a result, you won’t be worrying about where you should go for metal detecting.

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