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Top 5 Outdoor Winter Games for Youth


The winter season is a season of little activity. Many people, especially the old people and small children, prefer to remain indoors. But unlike the aforementioned segments of the population, the youth do not entirely remain indoors over the winter. Most of them choose to go out and enjoy the external environment which is usually not crowded during winter.

However, remaining inactive while outdoors during the winter may be risky for health. Thus, as the youths prefer to hang around in the outdoors, they should embark on games to keep them healthy from colds and other winter diseases and physically fit. Here are some tips on the top 5 outdoor winter games for youth;

1. Ice Hockey

Top 5 Outdoor Winter Games for YouthThis game is played during the winter season when there is snow. In ice hockey, a player glides on the ice using a pair of ice skates as he simultaneously tries to hit a black puck into a net. This black puck is usually heavy in weight. In this activity, the youths interact with each other and they can spend their energy on the games. The only necessary thing is to wear warm clothes and carry the right gears for the game. Ice hockey has been ranked as one of the top 5 outdoor winter games for youth which keeps them involved and physically active.

2. Speed Skating

Top 5 Outdoor Winter Games for YouthDuring the winter season, the normal traffic on the roads or the congestion of people in the streets does not exist. Therefore, with company of friends, one can spend this time enjoying speed skating along the streets or in the sports grounds. Speed skating allows the youths to remain physically active in their body as they compete while skating. For the beginners, they will use their winter season to learn the skills of speed skating which is a competitive form of ice skating. Speed skating is quite enjoyable to play. It has established as one of the most important games in the Olympic Games.

3. Snow Boarding

Top 5 Outdoor Winter Games for YouthThis game is played on the slopes covered with snow during the winter. Some of the players in this game apply styles such as freestyle turning in the air while others glide over the snow to the bottom of the slopes. The game is interesting and keeps the mind of the youths involved and busy.

4. Luge

Top 5 Outdoor Winter Games for YouthThis is an interesting game to play during the winter when the roads and the sports grounds are not crowded. It involves riding on a luge sled which mostly rides at a speed of 140 km/hr. While playing luge, be sure to have protective clothing such as helmets and joint protectors to avoid contracting injuries in case of rolling over.

5. Freestyle Skiing

Top 5 Outdoor Winter Games for YouthThis game is also known as jibbing or freeskiing. It has a lot of styles and techniques which youths can learn and practice during winter. With the aerials, moguls, cross, half-pipe, skier sliding rails and boxes, this game has a wide range of activities to practice. Players practice different styles and turns while on the air and comfortable land on the ice grounds with the help of aerials.


The above are among the top 5 outdoor winter games for youth. However, there are many more games to select from based on one’s interest. During winter, many people opt for their houses and remain there until the season is over. However, this might prove a difficult thing to do for the youths who are always active. Therefore, the youths should go for games where they will have a chance to learn new skills. At the same time, they will be able to socialize with other young people during such games.

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